• Achievements

• Originated and implemented a new sales compensation and incentive program to achieve a better balance between performance expectations and reward incentive. Increased annual revenue by 40%.

• Established sales methodologies to better communicate the benefits of products and services to customers. Created and refined models, which greatly aided in creating and winning new accounts. Gave rise to a 57% increase in further revenue.

• Established strategies to better communicate the benefits of products services to customers. Created marketing materials, that greatly aided the sales effort by 25%.

• Built a sales forecast 16 accounts in 4 months. Created new revenue streams for the organization, leading to over $600K in new business.

• Expanded company focus from a one market into multiple markets. Opened new revenue channels and generated broader interest from a variety of accounts.

• Guided a team of sales reps, on key accounts. Consistently exceeded corporate sales goals by as much as 380%.

• Originated a license agreement concept for a client company. Devised and presented a ten-year license agreement that resulted in two contracts over $1.3 million.

• Conceived a hiring model, intended to retain employees. Reduced employee turnover and out-performed company turnover averages by more than 30%.

• Formulated a contract with a national account. Analyzed, evaluated and devised an innovative licensing plan that resulted in a $2.9 million, three - year agreement.

• Negotiated an extensive agreement. Navigated delicate negotiations without giving up value. It garnered $1.2M in revenue.

• Spearheaded a complex sales cycle. Assessed and negotiated the contract to acquire a three-year, $2.1M account.

• Initiated and facilitated a corporate sales presentation. Developed a solid sales funnel which led to $2.5M in new businesses.

• Guided a group of sales associates. Hired, trained and motivated the sales team. Resulted in 112% of goal attainment and only a 10% staff turnover.

• Originated a sales / marketing plan to increase the sales pipeline. Navigated and supervised a continuous series of marketing events, which increased sales pipeline by 110% over a 90-day period.

• Identified new markets for a sales organization. Created new revenue streams with existing customers and developed a new client base.

• Created and implemented a targeted marketing plan. Mentored a team to focus on key areas; and directed marketing efforts that increased client base, adding $1.8M in the first year.

• Prepared and helped negotiate agreements with several 3rd party organizations. Liaised among various third-parties to help drive $700K in incremental revenue.

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