• Development (Software & Systems)

• Development tools (many different ones)

Process management tools/methods: Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rapid Application Development (RAD), Rapid Prototype Methodology (RPM), SDLC

QA/testing tools

Configuration Management Tools

Requirements Management Tools: such as Doors, Requisite Pro

• Requirements Management Processes such SEI/CMM, ISO, plus various in-house practices & procedures

• Tools worked with include:

IBM/Rational: Purifyplus, Quantify, RequisitePro, Rose, TeamTest, Clearcase, ClearQuest

Mercury Interactive: Test Director, Winrunner, Xrunner, Loadrunner

Telelogic,QSS: Doors, Doorsnet, CM Synergy

A large assortment of Computer Associates products (in parrelel functions to above).

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“In reading about the lives of great men I found that the 1st victory they won was over themselves.Self-discipline with all of them came first.”


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