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How well do you exploit the web?

Unique web effectiveness research and consultancy group. We help you close the web effectiveness gap: the difference between what you are doing and what you could be doing with your web sites and social media presence.

New Projects

A variety of industries have benefited from the staff at Horizon Technologies Limited (HTL). HTL began in October of 1985 working as subcontractors to large players like Computer Science Corporation, with Global giant Olivetti of Italy as the client. While in Toronto we were primary contractors at most Chartered Banks. Over the years we have been the primary as well as the sub-contractor in most vertical mostly in Central Canada, however Europe and USA as well.

For the past 5 years we have worked with small and medium clients, in the Ottawa/Montreal corridor, to create or improve thier markets. We are particularly concerned with Internet presence. Sales, Marketing, Branding, and process improvement on or off the internet, since a complete solution spans both.

We have found that GoodRequirements are the primary need, for NEW or EXISTING projects, to have any hope for real success. Whether it is to "targeted visiblity", or "on time", "on budget", or expecting real "user acceptence". To that end, a professional approach throughout the business/development cycle, proper complete, Requirement management, is mission critical.

Existing issues to solve

Compared to other small and medium firms the business knowledge at HTL is unparalleled. Having provided professional services in most verticals: Banks, Military, Aerospace, Manufacturing, professional services, Federal and Provinal Governement, and most Technology fields (see projects section), as clients, our Ottawa operations will have a diversity of skills unmatched in the region. Whether a Startup, or any established instituition, your current issue will see us succeed, where numerous others have failed!

We have applied Human Ergonomics to; End user interfaces, products and services; in front, mid or back office systems. Add cross integrations, crossing both hardware and software systems from diverse origins. Today's issue frequently are dominated by Web interfaces. Connecting to themselves or Mainframes, to clouds, Web 2.0 to any Client/Server system. End user requirements, understanding end users, how to gathered requirement from them, and knowing how to incorporate them corretly into the software or system project.

C-Level Executive Assistance

It is time for your corporation to get an effective presence on the web. More then just being there you would like to drive part or a majority of the sales lead generation from the web. Possible early marketing efforts thru the web, to a global audience. Your current staff is outstanding outside of the web. To have this new direction succeed, tthey need to communicate with a peer, who can also speak their language, while tranlating past experiences to the current web environment.

HTL consulting services can complete this task, then transfer the knowledge, back inhouse.

  2012 :: New Partner, a unique web effectiveness research and consultancy group.  
  2010-2011 :: Disaster and Kaos managment systems and technics developed  
  Summer 09 :: Marketing and coaching consulting, with one of the world's largest and most successful Bio-Tech company.  
  Fall 08 :: HTL executive consultant, help build web traffic in today's economic climate.  
  Apr 07 :: Intersearch of California, exercises option to purchase control of while HTL executive consultant help negoiate sale of email system  
  Aug 06 :: HTL Sales Consultants close major software deal while at SES show in San Jose for LOOP Improvement of California, with industry innovator ISEDN  
  Aug 05 :: HTL Executive consultant negoiate for Look on the Web a major joint venture with industry leader Intersearch.  
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